Best e-Poster Prize Winners

Best e-Poster Prize Winners

The EPA awarded prizes to the 10 best e-Posters within the e-Poster Presentation category at EPA Virtual 2021.

All e-Poster Presentations were evaluated based on the below criteria:

  • Scientific Quality
  • Accuracy and Precision of Methodology
  • Originality
  • Novelty
  • Poster Design

Congratulations to the Best e-Poster Presentation Prize Winners of EPA Virtual 2021:


Poster Title

Daoud Maroua, Tunisia

Exposure to violence and risk of post-traumatic stress disorder in family caregivers of psychotic patients

Dores Artemisa R., Portugal

Exercise Addiction, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Use of Enhancement Drugs during the COVID-19 Pandemic Confinement period: A Transcultural Study

Errazuriz Antonia, Chile

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Suicidal Ideation Among Immigrants in Santiago, Chile

Gil Berrozpe Gustavo, Spain

A network analysis of executive deficits in patients with psychosis and their healthy siblings

Kempf Maximilian, Germany

Results of a factor analysis of items regarding COVID-19 pandemic-specific workload among medical staff in Germany

Monducci Elena, Italy

The relationship between Self-Disorders (SDs) and depressive/anxious symptoms in a clinical sample of adolescents

Pinto-Gouveia Carolina, Portugal

Moderator role of self-compassion in the relationship between borderline features and suicide ideation in adolescents

Patriciello Giuseppina, Italy

Integrating empathic and mentalizing abilities with interpersonal sensitivity in People with Eating Disorders: a network analysis approach

Rignanese Martina, Italy

Physical pain – suicidality association in adults: a meta-analysis

Veluri Nikhila, Canada

How effective are ketamine or esketamine in treatment-resistant depression?