Exhibition Guidelines

Participation by exhibitors/supporters is dependent upon compliance with all rules, regulations and conditions stated herein.

Kenes International is the official Organiser of the EPA 2020 Congress (Hereinafter: “The Organizer). The Organiser’s Exhibition Manager, acting under direction of the Organising Committee, has the final decision as to the acceptability of displays. Exhibitors are not to share with others any space allotted to them without prior written consent by the Exhibition Manager.

Exhibition Layout

The Organiser reserves the right to alter the general layout or limit the space allotted to each exhibitor/supporter, postpone the exhibition or transfer it to another site if unforeseen circumstances warrant such action. Should any contingency prevent the holding of the exhibition, neither the Organiser nor EPA will be held liable for expenses incurred other than the cost of exhibit space rental fees.

Booths constructions

All exhibits are to be displayed to avoid blocking aisles, obstructing adjoining booths, damaging the premises or the leased equipment. Exhibitors are kindly requested to allow sufficient see-through areas, which ensure clear views of surrounding exhibits.

In standard booths, height is restricted to 246cm. Exhibitors are responsible for the cost and execution of the design, installation and delivery of their display to (and its removal from) the exhibition site. Flammable materials are not to be used. Equipment displayed or demonstrated must be installed with strict adherence to safety measures.


Access to the exhibition is authorised on presentation of a badge issued by the Organiser.
Exhibitors’ badges will not be mailed in advance and may be collected from the Exhibition Manager’s desk.

Exhibitors undertake to observe the timetable designated for completion of their display before the exhibition opening and its dismantling at the close of the exhibition. No dismantling or packing of the display before the designated hour. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to pack and remove or consign for shipment all items of value prior to leaving their exhibit unattended, otherwise the Organiser will arrange for their removal at the exhibitor’s risk and expenses.

Promotional Activities

Promotional activities are only allowed within the exhibition surface and only as long as they do not interfere with the running of the Congress nor disturb the fellow exhibitors. Activities such as “Meet-the-Expert” sessions and scientific or product presentations talks are not permitted in the exhibition booth. Any kind of walking advertisement throughout the exhibition area and Congress venue is strictly forbidden.

Sound Restrictions

Sound, electrical and other mechanical appliances must be muffled so that no noise disturbance is caused to other exhibitors. The exhibition Organiser reserves the right to determine at what point activities have to be reduced, respectively sound constitutes interference with others and if it must be discontinued.

House Rules

The rules of the Congress venue do apply and are binding to all exhibitors. Whoever does not follow these regulations will be excluded from the exhibition after a first warning. Copies of these regulations can be provided upon request. Material safety and fire certificates of all stand materials must be available for controls during build-up. Representatives of the local authorities as well as the Congress Venue technical staff must be allowed access to your stands at all times. Smoking is prohibited in the buildings.

Damages / Safety / Insurance

Exhibitors are entirely liable for damages to third parties’ stands, properties, health (be it injury or death). To this extent the Organiser, EPA, their respective staff and providers as well as the Congress Venue are to be considered third parties. Exhibitors’ liabilities are extended to their personnel and / or other people working under their control. Since neither the Organiser, EPA,
and their staff nor the Congress Venue are liable for any damages and/ or loss suffered by the exhibitors during the exhibition, including installation and dismantling, it is strongly recommended to arrange insurance accordingly.

Insert and Display Materials

• Please note that all materials entering the venue incur a handling charge. This includes materials for inserts and display.
• To receive a price quote for handling and to assure arrival of their materials, sponsors/exhibitors should make sure to complete the “Pre-Advise” form included in the shipping instructions when they receive either the Exhibition or Symposia Technical Manuals.


Advertising is permitted only on the stand space (aisles excluded). Displays of printed matter or advertising outside this area but on the premises of the Congress are not allowed. No flyers, posters, handouts, etc. can be left on tables, in conference hotels, on buses, etc. unless the relevant operators explicitly agree to it. In addition, sponsors/exhibitors must comply with all applicable national and international rules and regulations related to advertising and promotion of all products and services as part of their stand. The Organiser and EPA bear no responsibility for non-compliance by the sponsor/exhibitor.

Disposal and Waste

It is the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor to ensure that all waste material from stand construction (including boxes for packaging) are completely removed from the exhibition area prior to the opening of the exhibition and at the end of the Congress. Waste cleared by the Organiser will be charged to the sponsor/exhibitor. The Organiser ensures daily cleaning of the aisles. Exhibitors /supporters are responsible for the cleaning of their stands.

Exhibition Terms and Conditions

The Terms & Conditions of exhibiting are included in this Prospectus. Please note that signing of the SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITION BOOKING FORM AND CONTRACT indicates acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. The Sponsorship & Exhibition Booking Form will be held as a valid liable contract, by which both parties will be bound.

Note: Additional guidelines and regulations will be published in the Exhibitor Technical Manual that will be sent approximately three to six months before the congress.